Trade and industry

The municipality of Våler is characterized by large forests and agricultural areas, thus forestry and agriculture being important industries. The municipality is the largest employer of work in this local community, counting approximately 300 man-labour years.

The municipality has several large and medium-sized produce enterprises, primarily connected to the industry of wood cultivation. The largest chipboard factory in Northern Europe, Forestia, is situated in our community, as well as Norway´s largest sawmill, Moelven Våler AS.

Nortura Samvirkekylling AS, Våler, incubates and hatches day-old chickens.

Våler has an ambition of becoming The best traffic and motoring community in the Nordic region.  We are in the process developing further the considerable milieu of competence within traffic, transport and motoring. In this work the Norwegian Traffic centre with the Våler course (Vålerbanen) is perhaps the best known. Solør Upper Seconday School is also an important participant. Haslemoen as an industrial property will also be important in this development.


Vålbyen, the centre of the municipality, is a living trade- and service centre where you can find a large variety of products and services.