Health, school and kindergarten

Våler has a well-established health service. There are good schools in the local environment, with skilled teachers. The coverage for children in kindergartens is good, without waiting lists.

Våler medical centre and public health centre is situated in the centre of the village of Våler.

"Våler welfarecentre" can offer individual medical treatments, rehabilitation, nursing and care for those who have difficulties taking care of themselves in their own homes, and for those who need more than home nursing care. Shared accommodation is an offer for those who seek and need the security of living with others. The residents of the shared accommodation facilities are to be counted as home-residents.

Våler has good coverage for children in kindergartens, the waiting lists are short and we can offer flexible solutions. Our schooling environments are good and safe. At every school there is also a section for after-school programme.

The compulsory school in Våler conists of two primary schools and one secondary school; Nordhagen School, Vålbyen School and Våler Secondary School. Each school is its own "enterprise" with a principal at each school.

Emergency in Våler  (doctor/ ambulance) :           116117 


Fire                          110
Police                       112
Medical emergency 113